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(Dec 21, 2013)
Monks and Rogues don't exist... except for Brian
(Dec 11, 2013)
Why don't we have monks or Rogues in the recruitment section?
(Nov 19, 2013)
I posted something in the Raiding forums. Check it out!
(Nov 16, 2013)
There's a chance I'll be late this morning. Shouldn't be long though.
(Nov 01, 2013)
May set up a 10 man t0t alt run some day.
(Nov 01, 2013)
BOOM! Rogue is 90! I can haz carriz through ToT?
(Oct 31, 2013)
or else the 13 ghosts will come get us?
(Oct 29, 2013)
Ganzer put up an awesome Halloween thread, everyone should go comment on it. Or else.
(Oct 25, 2013)
anyone else having trouble getting on the main page?
(Oct 23, 2013)
i offically headbutt things
(Oct 23, 2013)
And from here we begin anew. Leave what happened behind us and move forward.
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