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#8633580 Oct 27, 2013 at 09:21 PM
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1.Show up.
We plan our raid comp around people who accept the raid invite. Making a habit of accepting and not actually showing up for raid will not be acceptable, and we will have to put you on probation until the problem is amended. Life happens and it’s perfectly fine if you can’t attend raid, but please let us know if you can’t show up.

2. Be on time.
Invites for raid will go out 15 minutes before raid time, and we will try to be in the instance once 8AM CST hits. If you show up 1 minute past 8AM, we are most likely going to be full, and we might not be able to fit you into a slot.

3. Come prepared.
Be gemmed, enchanted, and ready to go. If you are a raider, everything in the guild bank is for your use. Providing materials is our way of thanking you for raiding with us, and we hope you will use this privilege. If there’s something in the guild bank you don’t see and you need, we will be happy to provide it for you. There will be a short explanation for each fight, but further research is required to understand what exactly is going on.

4. Know your role, and know the fight.
You are expected to understand your class and how to play it. You will not be kicked from the guild for failing to hit 200k each fight, but it’s not fair for the rest of the raid to have to carry people repeatedly. If you keep dying, look at your logs and figure out why. If you don’t understand a mechanic in a boss fight, there’s most likely someone who does. Ask, it’s much less embarrassing than dying over and over from the same thing.

5. You will eventually have to sit.
As of right now, we are building a roster of 13-15 people, so we can be prepared if someone's not here one weekend, or if one of our raiders have an emergency. As of right now, we are not looking to expand to more than one raid team, so we are going to need to rotate people in. When doing this, we will take into account gear needs, boss mechanics, and raid comp. If you need a specific boss/piece of loot, please feel free to let us know, and we will figure out everything as evenly as possible.
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