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General Discussion


First thing I'd like to say is that all of you are awesome and feel a great amount of gratitude that I had the pleasure to game with each of you.Second thing is that my leaving had nothing to do with the guild or anyone. My home life has become in...
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Ganzer5175Small Addie 3y
General Discussion


I'm sorry that this is the way I have to tell everyone, it's not the way I had intended, but i have moved Phopaw off server. A few of you know I've been a bit unhappy about raiding less than half of our scheduled raid time, and a couple of you eve...
Small Phopaw 3y
Phopaw2108Member avatar small Jijari 3y
General Discussion

My plans post Garrosh

Seeing as we can now regularly reach the end of SOO I wanted to take a couple minutes to let everyone know up front my plans as we wrap up the last raid of this expansion.As a lot of you know I am getting married in April. As of today I have raide...
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Jijari4140Small Phopaw 3y
General Discussion

Alliance guild.

So, thinking about starting a guild over on alliance side for anyone with an alt over there. Figure it gives people new things to do, more options late on down the road, and a nice place to just relax on an alt now and then.
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General Discussion

WoD Xpac I was watching a stream and he kept saying item squish and I was like 'What is item squish?' The above link will take you to the MMO Champion page dedicated to the next xpac. It has some item changes and th...
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Ganzer5151Member avatar small Ganzer 4y
General Discussion

For the Alliance?

Last time I had like 10 toons and so on. I've decided that I'm gonna have mainly 2 characters on our new server- the main change to that however: My second toon is going to be Alliance! Maybe I'll play the auction house - fact is I miss alliance a...
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Qilinia467Member avatar small Rhyjan 4y
General Discussion

Pathfinder: Dungeons and Dragons (Character List)

Small Qilinia 4y
Qilinia11102Member avatar small Entyle 4y
General Discussion

Pacer group 2.0.

So, the original pacer group thread was on the old guild forums and given that, gunna set up a new one here. Thus far we have Ganzer: Enhancement ShamanPhopaw - (Monk) Shaman or LockOtto - Monk Priest or Lock Mal - Resto ShammyBrian - Disc priestA...
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